You know what I really despise? Alcohol! Why is it still not illegal? Out of all the fatal accidents it has plagued upon us, why?

And cannabis is the one that’s illegal? Never once in history has there been a death caused by it.

I’ll still smoke it even if they don’t change the ban on it. I’m just saying life would be a whole lot easier if it was legal.

Iron Sky!

Oh man, Sarah Palin being president of the United States in the movie Iron Sky was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a movie in a also didn’t hurt that no gravity was pulling women’s dresses down..hehe xD
The Nazis from the moon just wanted cellphones..oh shit..haha and they turned a “brotha” white


Wise men talk because they have something to say…


i’m not sending it to anyone. i didn’t want to see the spoiler, i was tricked into clicking on it. and i know if i post it on this blog it will go around tumblr like wildfire. 

if you want to know what the spoiler is about i’ll post it under this cut (what the spoiler is about, not what it actually is). 

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Really, we shouldn’t even stop enjoying the series because of a VERY convincing spoiler which we do not even know if it’s real. I mean if it is, is that who I think it’s supposed to be? There’s no way!


New ARYZ piece in Saint-Denis, Réunion

Annoying Girl Voice in 3..2…